For Youth

Social health is the capability of individuals and groups to live ethically and meaningfully (i.e. with reason, integrity, and love) in diverse and complex social environments.

Why should social health even matter to you?

Do you sometimes feel that your life is really stressful? Do you feel that your friendships are often superficial, competitive, and based on self-interest? Do you feel that your daily interactions are meaningless and external? Do you feel that you don’t even know how to begin creating friendships that have more integrity and meaning to them?


Maybe it is not just friendships that trouble you. Maybe you also feel that you are getting a lot of conflicting messages and social expectations from peers, teachers, family, and society. Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to be a well-rounded and successful young person in an environment of constant competition and distrust? Do you sometimes feel that these conflicting expectations and messages just don’t make sense?

Well, it’s not just you. You actually are immersed in cultural messages that often really don’t make sense, and in social environments that are not coherent. Even though your educators work hard to create a school climate of respect, quality relationships, and social order, you experience unsettling contradictions and often respond with cynicism.

But you can change that.

Because you are not just the recipient of all the noise and confusion around you. You actually help keep it in place.

If you want to learn how to create socially healthier relationships and school community, working from your essence and not reeling with the pressure of conflicting cultural messages; if you want to feel seen, respected, appreciated, and supported, rather than in competition with everybody, having to prove yourself every minute and to project a front, then this Social Health initiative is a place where you can begin.

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