Systemic Analysis

This page will examine systemic dimensions of Social Health, as we experience them in our day-to-day lives. It will bring to bear research, the most relevant of which will be briefly reviewed in the Research sub-page; as well as other publications, identified in the Publications sub-page.

Among the many systemic aspects we will examine here is the issue of collective values that foster social health or in fact become barriers to it.

Another one concerns aspects of education that intentionally integrate skills for social health, and aspects that undermine social health in school communities and university environments. We will ask what prepares young people with a viable understanding of how to create more social health in the world, and with the will to carry that understanding into action.

We will also look at different forms of communication and how they have the potential to contribute to healthier social processes or to reinforce the further fraying of social relations.

Another important systemic aspect concerns forms of governance and their impact on creating healthier societies or deepening further the social breakdown syndrome.

Some aspects of systemic analysis will be brought forth by your contributions, as you subscribe and begin to send your thoughtful input.